Our Donors

Donations in Memory of Frances Daniel

On 8/13/2013 Mrs Frances Daniel (born Block widowed Lachs) died peacefully at home in Staten Island (New York), two weeks after her 100th birthday. Her son Stuart Lachs (300$), her nephew Glenn Martin and his wife Andrea (180$), her niece Janet and her husband Udi Toledano (180$), her cousin Oscar Lax (36$), and Cheryl Ikemiya (25$) have donated a total of $ 711 in her memory.

Baking Cookies for the Orphanage: Waltraud Hassel, Astrid and Thomas Broede

In June Waltraud Hassel, Astrid and Thomas Broede again baked and sold cookies for the company Frey – through this they were able to generate an income of 120,- Euro, which they generously donated to the Orphanage.

Our thanks go to Waltraud Hassel, Astrid and Thomas for their tireless efforts!

The company Frey will also in future make the work for and needs of the orphanage known widely by placing posters, showing pictures, and placing donation box for the orphanage.

Donations from New York

Before Miche and Violet traveled to Kanchipuram, they collected donations from friends class mates, colleagues, and well-wishers. All in all, the orphanage received  2000 US $ !

We wish to thank the generous donors VERY much:

Karim Latif

Jason and Elyssa Ackerman

Elizabeth, Seth, Talia, Caroline and Joey Grossman

Carol Meyer and Lloyd Westerman

Stephane, Alison and Julian GersonTracy, Andy and David Siklos

Amanda Sprague and Fran Reilly

Toby Bialo

Nicole Dubach

Bank of America Team, Marcela, Dawone

Emmanuelle Christin

Richard Burbridge

Robert McCabe

Adeline & Marie Desjonqueres

Nathalie Genebes

Rick Guidotti

Wil Ashley

Richard Bigger

Herb Thelosen

Sabrina Turin

… and of course special thanks to: Miche Griffin and her daughter Violet Moore!!!


If you or your company wish to be listed as donor here (with a link and picture, and a brief description of your involvement), please let us know by sending us a message and the relevant information (see „contact“).