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In early December our former landlord has sold his house as a surprise. Neck over her head, we had to find something else. This proved to be very difficult. The rents in Kanchipuram increase steadily and rapidly, we have found on the fly just a place to stay in Arpakkam, about 12 km outside the city. This is mainly because the area between Chennai and Bangalore (and in this artery is Kanchipuram) is now almost completely industrial space: all kinds of international companies are settling there. These companies naturally also attract workers to the area – and these workers often live in group homes, are rarely at home, and pay much better than the orphanage. So landlords prefer to rent their spaces to them. Further, it is also the huge water consumption of our orphanage (after all, there are almost 30 people) that poses a problem when trying to find a new place.

Fortunately, however, we have found something – the new home is now on the outskirts of Kanchipuram (some 12 km), in Arpakkam (which can be found with google earth, it is south-east of Kanchipuram, one has to look for „Arpakkam, Kanchipuram“). The new house is located within a building which belongs to RIDE – also a non-profit organization. However, we must now pay 5000 rupees (twice as much as before). It’s all much more roomy, but also quite far out.

The building has a large hall, which is now divided into a girl and a boy room and office. (we put in the divisions with wooden walls), a kitchen, three bathrooms and four toilets Mosquito nets are fitted to the windows and the complex also has a night watchman and has a large garden with trees and other plants. The power supply is good there, and also the provision of water (in Kanchipuram, the situation is worse), and Arpakkam is located on a bus route to Kanchipuram.

The distance also means that the children have fewer visits by the local trust members. The six youngest children had to change school – they have now been removed to the local school about 1.5 km away from the new home. The other kids kept right on their previous schools and are now going there daily by bus to Kanchipuram. We believe that this should not be a permanent solution, because of the long traveling time, and the reduced contact to „the outside world“. But at the moment we will not have much choice but to swallow this toad.

Luckily Mr Shanmugam and Mr Subramaniam took care of everything organizationally. We will soon get pictures  by Mr. Subramaniam that we will publish  here.

Given this situation, we need to now increase our efforts to get financial support from German companies settled near Kanchipuram  – without a sustainable sponsorship the resettlement of the orphanage to Kanchipuram seems to be very difficult.

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