About Project India

Our aims: We want to help underprivileged children in South India to get decent food, lodging, and a home, and most importantly a good education that enables them to take care of themselves and their families.
In Kanchipuram itself Dr Ute Hüsken, Professor at the University of Oslo who worked for many years in this small town, takes care that the money is spent sensibly. Her former research assistant, Mr Subramaniam, is in charge of the daily affairs and frequently reports back to Ute Hüsken about the day-to-day affairs and problems.
Our involvement is entirely on a voluntary basis -100% of the donations reach the children and address their needs immediately.

The Natrangal Orphanage

Since 2006 the German trust Project India supports the orphanage „Natrangal“ in the small South Indian town Kanchipuram. At present, 26 children live in the orphanage. These are boys and girls between 6 and 18 years old. The children are either orphaned (some of them are Tsunami orphans), or their parents are too poor to even provide the basic needs for them – at home they would have neither enough food nor be able to attend school. The children live together with two women who cook and take care of the girls, and one man who is in charge of the administrative work and the boys. The orphanage is a new home for these care takers, too, who do not have any other family any more.

The children live in the orphanage all year long, attend school form there, do their homework there and are family for each other. The orphanage is locally supervised by the Indian trust „Natrangal“ which consists of a number of local philantrophists, who also raise funds locally. The German trust Project India e.V. helps by providing bedding, visits to the doctor, medicine, eye glasses, clothes, food, school fees, school clothes and material, furniture, we pay the monthly rent of the orphanage and also the salary for the three employees.

We are very proud and happy that already a few young adults left our orphanage with an excellent school record and good job, looking into a much brighter future!